Why Painting in the Winter Months is a Good Idea

For exterior residential painting, it is normal to think of the Spring and Summer as the only months that painters are busy. However, painting in the winter can also be done, even with the rainy weather in Salem, Oregon. As a licensed painting contractor here in Salem, let us tell you why.

A Good Idea? 

Why is it a good idea to paint in the winter? Aside from the fact that you either need or want a new color and coating on your home, working with a painting contractor may be easier in the winter months.

1) The season is not as busy, so you have a possible quicker response to get the job done asap.

2) The days when painting are done are in between the rains, so even though the schedule is weather dependent, it is still done, as we have done ourselves many times.

3) When a contractor can help you save up to 40% of the costs of materials, that is a huge motivation to get it done any season, and winter is included.

4) Better protection against the rain and cold, as well as a new look every time you pull into your driveway. The fun part is in selecting the colors and texture of the paint that is recommended for exteriors, as well as seen the new color every time that you are outside. If you are selling your home, the curb appeal will get a major face lift and those exterior photos will stand out in the MLS.

Exterior Paint Ideas
For exterior color ideas, here's a few samples of a traditional suburban palette,
 that can be found on the Sherman Williams web site.

Getting exterior painting in the winter is a good idea only if it works for you; your preferences, your timing, your needs, and your budget. With up to 40% off of the costs of materials, we think we have made the budget part of the decision process easier. To find out more, contact us for a free estimate.

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