Salem Painting Contractor Uses Sherman Williams with Reduced Costs

V.A. and Sons Construction, a painting contractor based in Salem, Oregon, continues to recommend Sherman Williams as a first choice for quality of paint, reasonable pricing, and customer support. This company has been around since 1866 and is the largest painting company in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. They continue to develop innovative solutions for paint quality and uses. Depending on your preferences, in addition to vibrant color choices there is sustainability, resistance to peeling, and environmentally friendly products such as their new Emerald line for interior or exterior painting projects.

When we use Sherman Williams for exterior painting, or any type of house painting service, we do not mark up the paint product but estimate and bill at our costs, which are 33-50% below retail because we are a contractor, passing through savings to you. Not all painting contractors will offer this cost savings.

Many people think that they want a lifetime paint. Just do it once and forget about it. However,  many manufacturers of siding, such as Hardieplank, require a new painting every eight years to maintain their warranty. We usually recommend a fifteen year paint that more than satisfies this need and costs less than the lifetime or longer year paints.

What about color? How many variations of red are there? Many, including Cherry Tomato, Fireworks or Habanero Chile. Enjoy browsing nine color families for every mood, space and planned project.With over 1500 colors to choose from, there is a lot of room for personal preferences.
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Another exciting variety of choices on the Sherman Williams site are the exclusive color collections developed by HGTV and the paint experts at Sherwin-Williams. These have various titles such as Lifestyle Collection, Concepts in Color, Historic Collection, and more.
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Home painting is one of our many home improvement services, and since we are knowledgeable about siding, we can make sure that the paint and primer chosen for the house painting project can work well with the existing siding. If the siding needs replacing, and a new paint job will only cover up problems, we will advise you on the need for new siding, and the difference in costs from the painting project.

Looking for a painting estimate from a painting contractor? We just provided you with some reasons to contact us. When we meet with you in person on site, we will be glad to provide you with more !

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> We started out with remodeling, siding, windows, and painting, and over time we have become experienced in building homes from start to finish, so we can handle any project that you need.
> We will give a fair and best estimate for every project and will beat any other price if we have to. Don't sacrifice quality by getting the cheap bid! We have seen many homeowners regret that after the fact. We combine affordable pricing with excellent workmanship.
> We can save you up to 40% in materials costs, and pass through our savings to you.
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